Learning Programs

A broad and balanced educational program is provided and is based on the Victorian Curriculum. We believe and use a teaching cycle to ensure our instruction is at the point of need of our students.


Our Teaching and Learning Cycle
Each lesson should be part of a sequence of learning, and these sequences should follow the teaching and learning cycle.


We believe that students need to be explicitly taught foundational skills to become literate and numerate.


Our language program provides opportunities to read, write and speak and is underpinned by specific skills.

  • Phonetic awareness
    • An ability to hear, identify and manipulate single sounds.
  • Phonics
    • The ability to decode words using letter-sound relationships.
    • The ability to write words using letter-sound relationships.
  • Fluency
    • Reading with speed, phrasing and accuracy.
    • Having a store of known words for reading and writing.
  • Vocabulary
    • Understanding the meaning of a wide variety of words.
    • Using a variety of words to enhance our message.
  • Comprehension
    • Understanding the meaning of what is read.
  • Grammar and Punctuation
    • Understanding that punctuation and grammar enhances meaning.
  • Text Structure
    • Understanding that to communicate effectively we use different organisational features.


  • Understanding
    • Students describe their thinking and comprehend the information. They can represent their thoughts and make connections. They make comparisons.
  • Fluency
    • Students develop skills to readily recall factual knowledge and choose appropriate procedures. Students use strategies that are flexible, efficient and accurate.
  • Problem Solving
    • Students make choices, interpret, formulate, model and investigate problem situations. They select and use technological functions and communicate solutions effectively.
  • Reasoning
    • Students explain their thinking and justify their strategies. They make comparisons and transfer their knowledge from one context to another.